CLIENT The Dutch Potato Foundation (NAO) looks after the interest of the Dutch Potato Trade, participates in divers (international) organisations and is a source of information for foreign businesses.

WORK How do you tell the great story of the potato and how do you make the potato part of the favorite dishes among young families? The NAO approached Food Cabinet with this question. 

As part of the Power to the Pieper campaign, we restyled the website, where the user was put first. We optimized the site for mobile, added new tags to search the recipe database based on preparation methods. 
The latter we also explained per preparation, so everyone can make perfect potatoes.

MY ROLE Design & Concept (this project is part of the Food Cabinet portfolio, I worked on this project in my time at Food Cabinet)


On social media we also added new concepts to inspire, fun potato facts, good basic preparation methods and new fun, easy and healthy recipes.