CLIENT This is an identity for a Montessori elementary school. This Montessori school had a name change, their new name: the wide world. Their new manifesto is all about children from different ages learning from each other. Every child can be themselves with confidence. At this school it’s all about being curious and wanting to discover, using your senses and being connected to your surroundings.

WORK The logo consists of separate shapes which represent the individual. These shapes are based upon the learning materials used in Montessori schools. The separate shapes combined make a full typographic image, in which the shapes work together. So the logo represents the manifesto. As an extra is it possible to take these shapes and create something new. I designed a logo, business cards, stationary set and a website.

MY ROLE Concept & Design (this project is part of the Heldergroen portfolio, I worked on this project in my time at Heldergroen)