CLIENT Food Cabinet is the campaign agency for a future proof food system. 

WORK In 2018 Grrr designed a new logo for Food Cabinet. The next step was rebranding all the communication, that was done by the in-house Food Cabinet creative team. For the website we picked serious, yet postive colours, typography that's clean, but also gives a sense of movement by alternating font sizes. The website has a dynamic layout to also give a feel of movement. With lots of space for images to respresent the campaigns and events.

The team photography also got a remake with colourfull back drops and some fruit & veggie fun (photography by Mitchell van Voorbergen).

MY ROLE Design, concept & art direction for team photography (this project is part of the Food Cabinet portfolio, I worked on this project in my time at Food Cabinet)
Team photography shot by: Mitchell van Voorbergen
Site build by: Wunderwald


For Instagram we also introduced a few new concepts: our lunch photos, every week a team member does a cook out for lunch, and we present this in a colourfull way. We also show our Book Club footage, and inform you with some food knowledge through our food facts.