CLIENT Bionext connects Dutch organic chains from farmer to consumer. The campaign 'Bio lekker voor je' was selected by the European Commison under the work program 2018. 

WORK Organic food is good for you and the world. That is the message for the new campaign voor organic products, admissioned by Bionext. 

For the campaign I developed the image concept of the duo visual. The visual combines the ego (personal) value, and the eco (worldly) value of organic food. The food itself plays a key role in the visual, it's with the food that the values come together. Through copy is emphasized what this can mean for you and your daily life, in a fun, positive tone of voice. 

On social media we loaded the organic lifestyle, through recipes, interviews with biodyamic growers and farmers and information on specific crops and products. 

MY ROLE Design & Key visual concepts (this project is part of the Food Cabinet portfolio, I worked on this project in my time at Food Cabinet)